Afterhours ATX Canvas Battle Recap

Afterhours Canvas Battle 2018

This past Friday night was the Canvas Battle at the 2018 Afterhours Poster Show Opening and it was such a fun and unforgettable experience. It was a really exciting start to this year’s East Austin Studio Tour (E.A.S.T.).

The Canvas Battle

At 8pm, down on the sidewalk in front of Wright Bros Brew & Brew, we were given the prompt “GROOVY!” and the battle began. We had until 9:30pm to concept and create a 24″x36″ artwork with only the supplies provided: an art board, a small sketchbook, an eraser, and a variety of paint pens, pencils, markers and pens.

I went with a peace-loving roller skate babe, reminiscent of Cher’s style from the late 60s, with radiating auras of patterns and shapes. Check it out, with some other shots from the battle, in the gallery below. Major thanks to Liz, Kristen L., and Kristin H. for capturing and sending me these great photos and video!

Canvas Battle 2018 from Samantha Soper on Vimeo.

Congratulations to the Winners!

First place: Trish Monsters

The votes were tallied and Trish Monsters was crowned winner of the Canvas Battle. 

Trish Monster Canvas Battle

Second Place: Aaron Hamilton

Aaron came in with the second most votes for his super cute hippie bus. flying through a psychedelic cloudscape.

Special thanks for showing up

Drawing as live entertainment can be nerve-wracking, especially on a time limit and competing against three other amazing artists. It was great to see some familiar faces at the show cheering me on and helping me bag a few guaranteed votes from the audience. 

As with my last show recap to show my appreciation, I want to make a brief shout-out to all of these people that came out to support me, with links to their businesses, projects, and portfolios, as applicable. (Please let me know if you have a project you want me to link.)

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Chocolate & Art Show 2018 Recap

Chocolate & Art Show photo by Betty Soper

This past Friday and Saturday night were great and I am riding the wave of love and positivity this week.

I had so many people who have showed up for me in so many different points throughout my life come out to celebrate the debut of Kystalline Kweens with me. I also met a lot of amazing artists and got to introduce myself and my work to some new people. I even sold my Queen of Cups portrait!

Hearing from so many friends and strangers that they’d like to see the series become a full tarot deck, book or coloring book was incredibly encouraging. If you want to help me on my way to making this dream a reality, consider making a monthly donation via Patreon.

I hope you enjoy these photos from the show and keep reading for a special thanks and some artist shout-outs! Much love to everyone who sent me their photos.

Thank you for making it an amazing experience!

It means the absolute world to me that people are willing show up for me. I get really anxious about putting myself out there, so having everyone that came through this weekend made all the hard work and anxiety so completely worth it.

To show a little appreciation, I want to make a brief shout-out to all of these people that came out to support me at the Chocolate & Art Show, with links to their businesses, projects, and portfolios, as applicable. (Please let me know if you have a project you want me to link.)



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Artist Discoveries

As I mentioned previously, I met a lot of other really talented artists at the show, as well. Check out their Instagram accounts below and give them a follow!

Roni Zulu

I was floored by this guy’s talent with oil paint. Also, I felt he was a kindred spirit because both of our series featured portraits of our friends and loved ones.


This guy has some gorgeous geometric aluminum mini-structures, that resembled natural horn mounts. He also was handing out some cool stickers and bandanas he designed!

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little minis available this weekend! @chocolateandart

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Allie Eileen & Jeff Miles Jr.

A super cute artist power couple that were my neighbors at the show.

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Taking mixtape titles…

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Calloway Studios

He displayed across from BAMFaktory a couple of years ago at RAW: Trend, but it was great seeing him again. And I picked up this super cute whale tail keychain from him!

Celeste Munoz

Another sweet show neighbor, who had some beautiful Prismacolor work.

Nicole Clauder

One of the live painters at the show. She was working on the nifty florescent cat piece in my photo gallery above!

Crystal Anastasia

I met her sister, Crimson, because Crystal had a big event in Dallas. Her hair techniques were phenomenal and so many of her pieces had cool, acrylic transitions outside of the frame.

Reverie Fabrications

She had so many naturally beautiful crystal jewelry pieces with organic-looking melted metal settings.


For something to channel your inner unicorn, this lovely lady had holographic crystal jewelry creations.

Sincerely Whimsy by Ty

Her whole set up was so cute and creative!!! She had some really crafty pop-art jewelry.