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Sam Soper is an Austin-based mural artist and illustrator specializing in colorful, highly-detailed, pop-surrealist portraits, characters, and concept art. Joy and universal representation are the main drives behind her work. She makes each piece an educational experience by highlighting real subjects, cultural archetypes, and the beauty of the natural world, enabling the viewer to see themselves or their environments reflected. Originally born in New Orleans, the city’s vibrant culture and street art influenced her drive to create and her interest in esoteric symbolism from a young age. She’s been painting murals since 2019 with large-scale works at Ani’s Day & Night, El Tacorrido, Sunshine House Blanco, and more. Her artistic strengths lie in capturing accurate human and animal portraiture, florals and greenery, space and skies, detailed environments, and crystal growth. Additionally, she excels at hand-lettering work, as well as fun and friendly character concepts. Since 2009, she’s had work published in 7 compilations, has been featured in the press 12 times, has and shown in group exhibitions in Austin, Dallas, New York, and San Salvador. Additionally, she’s founder of Creative Cuties ATX, an intersectional group for creatives interested in building local community by encouraging self-expression, connecting with others across various disciplines, and celebrating all members’ achievements.

Quick Facts

  • born 1987 in New Orleans
  • spent 1997-2005 in Huffman, on the outskirts of NE Houston
  • Austin resident since 2005
  • INFP-T
  • Aries ♈
  • graduated from UT with a BS in Advertising in 3.5 years
  • non-art interests include:
    • gardening
    • camping
    • nature walks
    • cute animals
    • reading
    • cooking