Commissions & Rates

Commissions are currently CLOSED, as I am restructuring my commission pricing. At this current moment, you can still inquire about commissions below. I might be able to make time to do them if you ask nicely, but will be charging at an hourly rate.

Pen & Ink Rates by Size

What counts as a character?
Humans or animals, basically anything with a posable anatomy or eyes.
How does one estimate the cost?
Sections below are broken down by size. Under each size title, you have either a couple of flat rate options or a base single character rate followed by add-on pricing for additional characters or backgrounds. Just pick your size and add-ons to estimate your rate.
What if the request doesn’t fit these options?
For a specialized quote, contact me directly below.

Other Ways to Support Me


You can make a monthly pledge to my Patreon page to help me afford things like exhibiting in art shows and replenishing supplies. Even a $2 pledge can get me a new pencil every month. Dang, think of the possibilities.

But really, I have a cool print mailer with color sheets and stickers. Possibilities to win free original challenge work every month, think Inktober and MerMay, and to win free commissions when I reach certain goals. And you’d be my hero. (:

Become a Patron!

Amazon Wishlist

I’ve set up an Amazon Wishlist to keep track of art supplies I need to replenish frequently. The majority of my business expense is on art supplies and show fees. If Patreon is not really your style, you can purchase art supplies for me directly through this wish list and I’ll keep it updated with exactly what I need.


You can order prints of some of my series work, as well as some of my partner’s work, through the BAMFaktory Etsy shop. I do a hand-lettered thank you card with every order and offer free gift wrapping as needed.

Request a Commission or Custom Quote

Please note: Half of the total cost is due up front as a deposit to reserve your commission slot.