Mural Rates & Commissions

I provide custom illustration commissions and mural services, based out of Austin, Texas. As requested, travel and shipping can be made available at an additional fee.

My rates for commissions will vary widely based upon the request. You can begin that conversation by filling out the form below. As my schedule is often booked, please allow up to 2-3 months lead time on new projects.

Requesting a Custom Commission



I am able to facilitate both indoor and outdoor murals in either spray paint or standard house paints. I specialize in colorful characters, animals, natural elements (florals, crystals, plants, skies, etc), trompe l’oeil perspective scenes, and hand-lettering. I am also able to do logo or other brand-related mural work.

Ink and Digital Illustrations

Services include, but are not limited to, character creation, concept art, tattoo design, human and pet portraiture (traditional and fantasy), story boarding, and book illustration.

ALL illustration, portrait, and mural commission services go through the same process outlined below.

Process & Payment Scheduling

As needed, we’ll start with a free 15-minute consultation call to go over the details of your request.

All mural requests require a visit to the location, so I can take dimensions and assess the painting environment before providing an estimate. Site visits and appraisal require a $50 deposit.

An initial $250 deposit and signed service-level agreement is required to begin the concept phase. I will provide two vision board options with rough sketch work, based upon our discussion. This will help us decide what direction your vision is taking form.

Sketchbook showing rough draft (left page), initial concept sketches and color swatches (right page).

Each vision board will come with a separate budget estimate for you to choose from and sign off on.

Once a vision board is selected, a $500 mockup deposit is required to create a digital mockup or rough transfer draft (for illustration commissions) of the selected concept. You get to see how the work will look in situ, final color palettes are chosen, and a final estimate is provided for you to sign off on. This will be the last chance you’ll have to make adjustments to the design before the final work begins.

At least half of the quoted cost will be due at this point to continue with the project, though some clients choose to pay the entire amount up front. For projects with specific deadlines, I will also be able to provide a proposed schedule at this point.

As the project nears completion, I will send along a final invoice for the remainder of the total, which will be due within 15 days of receipt.

Submit your Commission Request

NOTE: $250 deposit is due up front to reserve your commission slot and begin the concept process. A deposit of $50 is required for any site visits.

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