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Moth Orchid Dragon T-Shirt


Limited time Moth Orchid Dragon tee through Raw Paw, presenting Huey’s Quest: Fruit of the Dragon shirt design challenge

This shirt is available as part of Raw Paw’s Huey’s Quest shirt design challenge! I need to sell 10 to go into production and there are great prizes for the top sellers in each category and overall. Plus, through their drop ship program, I make money for every t-shirt sold. Contest ends February 22, 2023 at midnight!

About the Design

You wake up one cold, winter morning, check on your orchids, and find this cutie wrapped around a freshly bloomed stalk. None of your orchids were ready to bloom, let alone even put off stalks, but here they are, like the first day of spring. The moth orchid dragon takes a big sniff of the fragrant flowers, winks at you with a smirk, and flies out of the room; new growth blooming beneath them.

The dragon was inspired by a moth orchid I rescued from a friend’s front bushes in New Orleans last February, which is in its first bloom cycle in the middle of winter. The passing solstice always brings happy reminder that spring is on the horizon. This year, my orchids blooming was a bonus gift, resurrecting me from my annual winter malaise. Oh, to be a tiny dragon friend coiled around my orchids’ stalks, bringing new blooms into being! Keeping with theme, the dragon’s wings and heart-shaped nose antennae are loosely based on those of the atlas moth.

About Raw Paw

Raw Paw is a family of friends based in Austin, Texas screen printing fun, art-driven, ethically made clothing and goods for artists, businesses, and ourselves. We take an active role in our community by hosting events and workshops, buying wholesale goods, and acting as a creative agency. When you purchase an item from Raw Paw, you are breathing life into art and looking good while doing so. Let’s print culture together!


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