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Curriculum Vitae

Murals, Mini-Murals, and Live Painting


  • Tugboat Frawg’s Fleetcare (20’x16′) Late Summer – Muralist at Paint Louis 2023 @ Mural Mile Flood Wall, St. Louis, MO
  • Morning Coffee (3’x3′) Mid Summer – Live Painter @ Great Day SA – KENS5 Studios, San Antonio, TX
  • Still Tippin’ (8’x8′) Mid Summer – 2v2 Spray Paint Battle (Collab with L. Rhae) @ Bad Astronaut Brewing, Houston, TX
  • Rediscovering the Light (8’x6.5′) Early Summer – Live Painter @ RichesArt Gallery, Austin, TX
  • The Rio Grande Chirpers (10’x10′) Early Summer – Muralist @ Essex Modern City, San Antonio, TX
  • Mother Pride (8’x8′) Early Summer – Live Painter @ The Yard, Austin, TX
  • Candy-Coated Goat (8’x8′) Late Spring – Live Painter @ Something Cool Studios, Austin, TX
  • For the Kause (130’x20′) Late Spring – Muralist in FTK Crew Production @ Native Bar & Kitchen, Austin, TX
  • Texas Fae-Toad (12’x12′) Late Spring – Featured Muralist at She Unit Paint Jam @ 500x Gallery, Dallas, TX
  • Scissor Tail Sunset (25’x12′) Mid Spring – Solo Muralist @ Puckahbrush Palace, Brownwood, TX
  • Love and Rosas (13’x7′) Early Spring – Featured Muralist on All-Female Mural Wall @ Rosita’s Al Pastor, Austin, TX
  • Thriving with the Pride (4’x4′) Early Spring – Head-to-Head 5-Person Paint Battle @ The Station at 12th & Chicon, Austin, TX
  • Golden Opportunity in Community (3’x3′) Late Winter – Live Painter @ AO5 Gallery, Austin, TX
  • Dulce Vida Pineapple Frog-ave Barrel (3’x2’dia) Late Winter – Live Painter @ Almost Real Things HQ, Austin, TX
  • Ring-Tail Around the Moon (8’x8′) Late Winter – Live Painter @ Clive Bar, Austin, TX
  • Diva Plavalaguna (4’x4′) Mid Winter – Live Painter at Dope Creatives Market @ 2324 Studios, Austin, TX


  • WellMed Mural (90’x18′) Late Fall – Assistant Muralist (Led by Hailey Gearo) @ WellMed at Rosewood, Austin, TX
  • Art Nouveau Fae Frog (8’x8′) Mid Fall – Live Painter at Austin Studio Tour Event @ Dear Diary Coffeehouse, Austin, TX
  • Painted Bunting Year (4’x4′) Mid Fall – Solo Muralist for Looking Up Mural Fest: The Wall Show @ Something Cool Studios, Austin, TX
  • Faerie Wings (4’x8′), Astro Frog (4’x8′), From the Depths (4’x8′) & Kale Whale (4’x8′) Early Fall – Live Painter at Astronox Festival 2022 @ Apache Pass Events Center, Rockdale, TX
  • Sunflower Cowboy (8’x8′) & Pumpkin Patch Posin’ (8’x8′) Early Fall – 1v1 & Head-to-Head 6-Person Art Duel at Texas Arts & Music Festival @ Commerce St, Brenham, TX
  • Angelic Frog (12’x8′) Late Summer – 2v2 Spray Paint Battle (Collab with SIRE) @ Spokesman South, Austin, TX
  • Wildflower Bevo (12’x6′) Late Summer – Live Painter @ DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium, Austin, TX
  • The Crow-aft (8’x8′) Late Spring – Live Painter @ Private Residence, Austin, TX
  • Web3 World (4’x8′) Late Spring – 1v1 Spray Paint Battle @ RichesArt Gallery, Austin, TX
  • You Are Not Alone (24’x8′) Mid Spring – Assistant Muralist (Led by Laced and Found) @ Lift ATX, Austin, TX
  • Solace (16’x8′) Early Spring – Featured Muralist (Collab with L. Rhae) on All-Female Mural Wall @ El Tacorrido, Austin, TX
  • Garden Frog Planter (20″x40″x18″) Early Spring – Live Painter at A.R.T. Paint Jam Vol. 2 @ Almost Real Things HQ, Austin, TX
  • Seraphim (4’x4′) Late Winter – Live Painter at Angels Market @ East Cesar Chavez, Austin, TX
  • Mardi Gras Party Frog (4’x8′) Mid Winter – Paint Jam Session @ The End of the World, New Orleans, LA
  • Yuri Kosmos (4’x’4) Early Winter – Solo Paint Jam Session @ My Backyard, Austin, TX



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University of Texas at Austin

  • Bachelor of Science in AdvertisingFall 2005-Fall 2008