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Fae Frog Royalty Mural at Ani’s Day & Night

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When HOPE Campaign reached out to me about booking me for their Market & Paint Jam at Ani’s Day & Night, I graciously accepted. This was my first paid live painting gig, which was super exciting for me. I always witnessed HOPE being involved in the coolest projects around the city and had regrets about being too scared to go paint out at the HOPE Outdoor Gallery while it was still going, so it kind of felt like an arrival moment for me.

Then, I saw the line-up. I was listed amongst some of the biggest name muralists in the city, some even known nationally and internationally. Again, just a really “wow, dang, I’m here” moment for me.

Since the mural would ride for quite a while and I’d noticed the fun events Ani’s hosts, I decided to do an Instagrammable backdrop where one could stand and look like they are being crowned by the fae frogs. I stuck with some subjects I have a decent amount of experience and ease painting. I surrounded the design with plant scenery, because that resonates with a lot of people, as well. One of my Patreon supporters suggested adding mushrooms, which I thought would complement the piece well!

This 6’x11′ fence portion was painted over a 7 hour event in front of a live audience at the HOPE Market.

During this Paint Jam, I shared the back fence with (in order): Jasmine | Sadé Chanelle | me! | Paola Asire | Miles Starkey | Jiminai | Daaru Art | Angry Cloud | Kyle Saldaña | Notes | Unruly TCF | Bill Tavis and the front fence was painted by: J Muzacz | Brittany Johnson | Helena Martin | ER. | Erik Ross. Check out both fences for yourself at Ani’s Day & Night on E Riverside!

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