Miller Time — Commemorative Wedding Tray

Miller Time — Decorative Wedding Tray

For one of my childhood friend’s weddings, I gifted her this custom-airbrushed commemorative ceramic tray inspired by their wedding hashtag, #MillerTime2014.

Check out this video of the full masking and airbrushing process below:

Mary Poppins Sunglasses

Mary Poppins Sunglasses

I designed and custom airbrushed these Mary Poppins sunglasses for my little sister, who was basically super nanny for 3-4 years.

Due to my lack of knowledge of propellant adherence on plastics at the time, they unfortunately didn’t last, but I at least snapped a few pictures of them before all the paint flaked off.

The Fedells — Commemorative Wedding Tray

The Fedells — Decorative Wedding Tray

For my best friend’s wedding, I gifted her this custom-airbrushed commemorative ceramic tray with her future family name on it.

After hand-lettering and drafting up the design, I used an X-Acto knife to create contact paper mask and airbrushed the piece with gold. Then I covered the entire piece with a polyurethane top-coat.