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Howdy, Space Cowboy Mural at Delilah’s Front Porch

I put up this alien cowboy mural, titled Howdy, Space Cowboy, at Delilah’s Front Porch, during two all-ladies paint jams hosted by L. Rhae on November 2nd and 28th.

The concept was something I played around with earlier in the year and put to a vote which resulted in me painting Ring Tail Round the Moon at Block Party back in March. This concept came in second place, but I had multiple people hit me up afterwards imploring me to get this one up somewhere too. Given its position right by the entrance to Delilah’s Front, I added a little Howdy to the piece to make it more welcoming.

Painted entirely in spray paint, this 20ft x 12ft piece took me two days to complete.

Go check out all the amazing work these women put up! Women featured on the wall are as follows, from left to right.

L. Rhae | Mixed Hues | Karma | Kimie Flores | Candy Kuo | FknWanda | Paola Sire | Taylord | Jazel Leah | Hailey Gearo | WinkStyles

Reach out via my Mural Rates page, if you’re interested in transforming your space!

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