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I’ve put the following subscription form together to offer you an opportunity to tell me a little bit more about yourself to allow me to better communicate with you. All of the form fields are optional, so please feel free to share as much or as little as you’d like.


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In the name of full transparency: On top of being an illustrator, I also have a pretty extensive background in user experience design, marketing research, and web development.

I strive to be the change I wish to see in web experiences and in data-use, from a standards perspective. You’ll notice my site has no intrusive sign-up pop-ups or interactive advertising cluttering up the site. Over everything, I believe in providing a pleasant, accessible user experience and, as a data researcher, honor my role in protecting the information entrusted to me. I solemnly swear, I will never abuse, misuse, or sell your data.

My quest with this data is for general knowledge enhancement and better familiarity with my audience. I will use your data for my own personal experiments in segmentation and targeted communication, only as it pertains to promotion of my art happenings. Most relevant, I will use it to help create a more personalized communication experience with you and deliver more engaging and interesting artwork for my audience as a whole.

Too often, we are asked to volunteer information without knowing exactly how it will be used or why it is needed. Below, I have listed some examples of how your data may be used in the future.

  • Birthday — Starting 2020, I plan to send a special email with a new birthday illustration every year and an offer for discounted or free merch from my online store (which I’m working towards launching late 2019).
  • Preferred pronouns — This will help me use your preferred language when referring to you. More oft than not, my communication will be direct to you, but this helps facilitate and broaden potential copywriting options in the future.
  • How you found me — This is mostly general curiosity, as it helps me measure the efficacy of pursuing certain event and press opportunities.
  • Website — This would be used as a reference in any link back shout-outs I do in my event recap posts. I try my best to reward and promote the businesses or creative endeavors of people who show up for me.
  • Social channels — For cross-referencing my various audiences to get an accurate read on messaging reach and breadth (how many times a unique user is exposed to a message), in an effort to lower the frequency of duplicate communication for overlapping audiences.

Thank you tremendously for providing this outlet for me to communicate with and understand you better!