Soper Wedding Boat Bar & Signage

Happily Ever After Harpswell Boat Bar

When my cousin Zach got married, he and his wife had this cool idea to transform this boat stern bar he used for events at his store into a custom bar for their wedding.

Since I happened to be up in Maine for the wedding, my assistance was requested in painting this custom bar and for some lettering on some of their chalkboard signage. 

Miller Time — Commemorative Wedding Tray

Miller Time — Decorative Wedding Tray

For one of my childhood friend’s weddings, I gifted her this custom-airbrushed commemorative ceramic tray inspired by their wedding hashtag, #MillerTime2014.

Check out this video of the full masking and airbrushing process below:

The Fedells — Commemorative Wedding Tray

The Fedells — Decorative Wedding Tray

For my best friend’s wedding, I gifted her this custom-airbrushed commemorative ceramic tray with her future family name on it.

After hand-lettering and drafting up the design, I used an X-Acto knife to create contact paper mask and airbrushed the piece with gold. Then I covered the entire piece with a polyurethane top-coat.