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2021 East Austin Cutie-o Tour Creators

East Austin Cutie-o Tour is bringing over 30 individual creators to the Dear Diary Coffeehouse patio for the 2021 Austin Studio Tour. My biggest goal for this show was to give as many people as I possibly could a platform to sell their artwork and increase their brand awareness.

One of the best ways to do that is making sure each of them is fully recognized in an easy-to-reference creator guide. That way if someday, years down the line, you see them on the cover of some world-renowned magazine, you can come here and think about the time you met them at the first big Creative Cuties showcase.

More about our Creators

Live Painters

Alain Gakwaya

@alain.boris (he/him)

Alain Gakwaya creates African Abstract art.

Live Painting — Weekend 1, Nov 13-14

Artist in Red

@artist_in_red (she/her)

Madison Auerbach who goes by the artist name Artist in Red is an abstract splash artist. Her style can be described as playful yet sophisticated.

Mini-Market — Sunday, Nov 14

Live Painting — Saturday, Nov 20

Candace McIntyre

@livelyvibedesigns (she/her)

Candace McIntyre primarily focuses on oil paints with some being acrylic as well. She goes into her compositions with a take on impressionistic realism to define the space between the depiction of reality and the reality within the confines of her own mind.

Live Painting — Saturday, Nov 13

Cara Jackson

@carajacksonart (she/her)

Cara Jackson is an Austin-based artist and graphic designer with a passion for outdoor adventure. Her vibrant acrylic paintings are inspired by her experiences camping and hiking in our public parks.

Live Painting — Sunday, Nov 14


@doxatx (she/her)

Jessica Hissam, known as Dox, is an Austin unicorn who believes that thinking is living and that we, as humans, should always be dreaming. She is inspired to illustrate the significant complexity of the human condition via investigating the endless relationship between perception, cognition, and emotion and how they fuse to form our personal experiences of existence.

Live Painting — Saturday, Nov 13

Paola Sire

@artxsire (she/her)

Live Painting — Weekend 2, Nov 20-21

Raine Lauren Art and Design

@rainelaurenart (she/her)

Raine Lauren makes highly energetic and colorful pieces of work using colored pencil, paint, digital medium and whatever she’s feeling like! She makes prints and mainly commissioned pieces.

Live Painting — Sunday, Nov 14

Community Table — Weekend 2, Nov 20-21

Sam Soper — Mural Art & Illustration (she/her) | @creativecutiesatx (they/them)

Sam Soper is an Austin-based illustrator and muralist, specializing in colorful, highly-detailed, pop-surrealist portraiture, character creations, and concept art. She also founded Creative Cuties ATX, an intersectional group for creatives interested in building local community by encouraging self-expression, connecting with others across various disciplines, and celebrating all of our individual achievements.

Live Painting — Every Weekend, Nov 13-14 & 20-21

Running this Sh*t — All the Weekends


@thoughtphantoms (he/him)

A collection of random art, ideas, thoughts and experiences jotted down before he forgets them. His work centers on inspiring people to live a more meaningful life and encouraging everyone to embody the values of Peace, Love, Truth, Hope.

Live Painting — Sunday, Nov 21

Z. Ella

@z3kl (she/her)

Z. Ella is an Austin artist who loves who uses her work to inspire herself along with others to be the healthiest they can be and follow their dreams.

Community Table — Sunday, Nov 14

Live Painting — Weekend 2, Nov 20-21

Mini-Market Vendors

3 small plates catering

@chef_jrodi (she/her)

3 small plates catering creates sweet and savory vegan bites from around-the-world; inviting you to discover earth’s palette through your palate.

Mini-Market — Saturday, Nov 20

Craft Along with Me — Dallas Hudgens

@craftalong (she/her)

Dallas Hudgens sells fairy and fantasy themed handmade goods, including pottery, enamel pins, and stickers.

Mini-Market — Sunday Nov 14

deadbloom (she/her)

deadbloom creates nature and folklore inspired mixed media art.

Mini-Market — Saturday, Nov 13

Further Studio

@furtherstudio (she/her)

Michelle Bluhm is the Austin artist behind Further Studio, creating joyful moments through a colorful collection of original art, accessories, and upcycled goods.

Mini-Market — Sunday, Nov 14 & Saturday, Nov 20

Hailey Gearo

@hailey_gearo (she/her)

Hailey Gearo creates chaos within her work primarily colorful, bright and awe-inspiring chaos.

Community Table — Saturday, Nov 20

Mini-Market — Sunday, Nov 21

Happy Hooker ATX

@happyhookeratx (she/her)

Join the handmade revolution! Happy Hooker ATX was founded by local fiber artist, Micayla, who has over a decade of experience crocheting. We carry home decor, clothing, and accessories, all handmade in Austin, TX.

Mini-Market — Saturday, Nov 13

Killer Queen Designs

@katiecowden (she/they)

Killer Queen Designs makes unique laser cut pop culture jewelry and gifts.

Mini-Market — Weekend 1, Nov 13-14

Kismet Creations

@kismetscreation (she/her)

All Kismet Creations’ products are made with care and the thought to create a world with more intent and self love. From Handmade jewelry, accessories and threads to paintings & prints. 💕

Mini-Market — Weekend 2, Nov 20-21


@swatcasso (she/her)

swatcasso creates art using a variety of mediums such as acrylic & digital art with a focus on bold colors & incorporating surrealist themes.

Mini-Market — Saturday, Nov 20

Paint by DeLoné (she/they)

Paint by DeLoné creates pyrography originals, prints, stickers, jewelry, and more.

Mini-Market — Sunday, Nov 21

Pirani Prints

@piraniprints (she/her)

Pirani Prints specializes in gallery-quality art prints, hand painted bookmarks, and waterproof/weatherproof stickers!

Mini-Market — Saturday, Nov 20

The Painted Panther

@thepaintedpanther (she/her)

Karanessa, also known as The Painted Panther is a local Austin artist with a passion for the more enjoyable parts of life. Her fervor for breakfast foods, nature and candid family moments are captured in her colorful acrylic impressionist paintings.

Mini-Market — Weekend 1, Nov 13-14

Wild Meadow Home

@wildmeadowhome (they/them)

Part original art and decor, part apothecary, 100% handmade with love and intention. Striving to be environmentally conscious by using foraged and home grown herbs, upcycling, and only using reusable or compostable packaging.

Mini-Market — Saturday, Nov 13


@xxmedium (she/her)

xxm creates nature inspired items for the extra average.

Mini-Market — Sunday, Nov 21

Ysabella Huckaby

@imakemotelart (she/her)

Ysabella Huckaby paints mini space scapes and hand sculpts storage jars.

Mini-Market — Sunday, Nov 21

Community Table Vendors

Amanda Massey

@ballinpointpen (she/her)

Amanda often finds herself creating surrealistic images from her imagination, frequently centering around nature. Her main medium is charcoal, but she enjoys experimenting with mixing mediums such as acrylics, watercolor & ink.

Community Table — Weekend 2, Nov 20-21


@crydyebyamanda (she/her)

CRY DYE is hand-dyed clothing, made locally and influenced by new wave themes.

Community Table — Saturday, Nov 13

Iza Eva Luna

@evafelina (they/them)

Ceramics and wearable beadwork by mother-daughter dou Marta Iza and Eva Gonzalez.

Community Table — Saturday, Nov 13

Marotzke Illustration

@marotzke.illustration (she/her)

Using watercolor, gouache, and collage techniques, Katelyn illustrates stories of creatures and unusual circumstances that take place in the woods.

Community Table — Weekend 2, Nov 20-21

Nancy Buentello Art (she/her)

Nancy Buentello’s artwork of landscapes, seascapes and floral represent the love connection with nature. The butterflies provide her an opportunity to add vibrant colors to my art and symbolize the inner change and freedom to be herself.

Community Table — Sunday, Nov 14

Olive Smith

@olive2live (she/her)

Olive Smith creates contemporary cubist and abstract psychedelic approaches with bold and vibrant colors. Subject matter includes nature scenes and the esoteric.

Community Table — Sunday, Nov 14

Olwyn Moxhay

@olwynmoxhay (she/her)

Olwyn is an artist from Maine now living in Austin. She loves bright colors and works in a variety of mediums including drawing, painting, photography and fiber art.

Community Table — Weekend 1, Nov 13-14 & Sunday, Nov 21

Rewon Shimray

@rewonderful (she/her)

Rewon is a multimedia artist, specializing in studio art and graphic design. She has specially designed a quirky 2022 calendar with integrated gratitude journaling, and original fine art prints as well.

Community Table — Sunday, Nov 14

Rosie Di Wu

@rosiediwu_illustration (she/her)

Rosie Di Wu uses color pencils and digital tools to depict places she has been and people or musicians she has seen.

Community Table — Saturday, Nov 13

Sarah Murphy Studios

@1sarahmurphy (she/they)

Sarah Murphy likes to make cute, goofy, geeky stuff, and help other artists be successful doing the same!

Community Table — Saturday, Nov 13 & Weekend 2, Nov 20-21

Come out to this double weekend East Austin Studio Tour event to support all of these up-and-coming creators!

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