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Dear Diary x Creative Cuties EAST Market Days

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We had so much fun last year that I am again this year hosting a double-weekend East Austin Studio Tour event with Dear Diary Coffee. We’re expanding the market this year to host even more creators, on the patio and inside the shop. Plus, we’ll have live painters and a community mural wall with spray paint workshops hosted by me!

Last year, I started the Creative Cuties community here in Austin to help others connect, create, and celebrate all of our gifts. We’ve gained over 200 members and have hosted several Sprout Sessions, guerrilla open studio times for members to gather in parks, coffee shops, and outdoor eateries all around the city to put energy into their creative practices… and make some friends while doing it. We also hosted a Mind Garden activation at Almost Real Things Live! to help the community learn invaluable creative problem solving and brainstorming skills!

After hosting the East Austin Studio Tour event with Dear Diary last year, I reached out early this year to see if we could collab again. Again, I was thrilled to extend the opportunity to my community, give those without a studio the space to participate, and re-introduce Creative Cuties to the city. Luckily, over 30 creators responded to bring their work and make East Austin Studio Tour Market Days a reality.

Introducing the EAST Market Days

Weekend 1 Line-Up

Weekend 2 Line-up

Want to learn more about our creators? Check out our 2022 East Austin Studio Tour Creators Guide (coming soon).

What You Can Expect

Live Painting & Community Mural Workshop — Get inspired by our talented live painters and bring the kids along for an exciting try it yourself experience on the Community Mural Wall! You’ll also be able to learn what Creative Cuties is all about, while having the opportunity to make a donation to support our ongoing efforts to make free creative spaces more accessible to all of Austin.

Patio & Indoor Market — Tired of corporations starting holiday marketing way too early? Stop giving them your money and start your holiday shopping with us instead. We’ve got a rotating market of different vendors every day of the tour, featuring a wide variety of art, decor, accessories, and apparel. Gift yourself those warm fuzzies of supporting a local artist and finding unique gifts for your loved ones!

Dear Diary x Creative Cuties Retail Shop — Along with our daily market of rotating vendors, you’ll also have the opportunity to shop Dear Diary’s Art Retail and explore work from even more offerings from Creative Cuties members!

Dear Diary Sketch Journal Library — Get a taste of our Sprout Sessions meet-ups by leaving your mark in one of Dear Diary’s sketch journals. Need ideas? Pull a prompt, freestyle on your favorite subjects, write a message, or collab with someone at the shop!

Sponsors & Organizers

This event wouldn’t be possible without the support of all of our amazing sponsors and organizers. So I wanted to show them a little love.

Dear Diary Coffee

First and foremost, thank you Dear Diary Coffeehouse for allowing us the space and opportunity to put on a fantastic show as partial contributor to the Austin Studio Tour partnership. I am eternally grateful to you for putting your trust in me to run this event. None of this would have been possible without us having the space to display and we are forever grateful to you for this.

They also sponsored the community sketch journals for everyone who comes through to enjoy a little Sprout Session action!

Creative Cuties Community Members

If I didn’t have people willing to show up to be a part of this, we would not have an event. I mean, I guess I could have just song and danced by myself, but the fact that I have a community of fantastic creators behind me, ready to support whatever I am dreaming up, is beautiful. Seeing them support each other and consistently show up to participate in some good creative chaos is everything I have ever wanted out of life. They fill my heart with so much love.

Raine Lauren Art

Raine has been with the community since May of last year after she graduated from UT. This year when we were looking for someone to own music booking and set up for the show, she stepped up to lend her connections and expertise. So if you enjoy that we have live music and actual DJs instead of just playing music off of one of our phones, you can thank Raine for that!

Raine Lauren Art and Design

Thanks for reading!!

Beyond excited to bring this experience to the city. We’ll see you out at the East Austin Studio Tour Market Days!

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