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Barton Springs ACL-amander for Austin City Limits 2023

A long time bucket list item, I was invited out to live paint at Austin City Limits Festival and design a t-shirt for their Rock & Recycle program. Partnering with HOPE Campaign and Austin Parks Foundation, I came up with this cute Barton Springs ACL-amander character to remind people whose home they are partying in.

As part of the Rock & Recycle program, participating artists were asked to design a t-shirt which ACL attendees could collect cans to get! The Barton Springs Salamander is hugely important species for conservation in the springs areas adjoining Zilker Park and trash from the festival grounds can impact their habitat greatly.

What better way to get people to care than making it cute! I designed this character based on the Barton Springs salamander with some fresh festival fashions. The ACL-goers fell in love with my little character and so many cans were collected. Kids and adults alike were posing like the salamander to take their photo with it. It was so cool to see this effective campaign in action.

Additionally, I hid my writer tag Frawg on the body of the salamander. Can you find it?

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