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Women’s Way Fantasy Graffiti Production

Production & executive direction by L. Rhae Productions with creative direction from me, the Women’s Way Graffiti Production was a truly epic meeting of the styles. This sanctioned project was a monumental collaboration between 10 women graffiti writers and street artists from across Texas turning a warehouse into a mystical forest gallery.

This 100′ x 20′ warehouse required 4 days of preparation time, with L. Rhae, Karma, and myself working on the background. It was followed by a weekend-long paint jam, where 8 other women came out to the wall and completed their pieces. Then we took another 3 days tying the background together with the pieces with help from L. Rhae, Trill, Morgane Xenos, Winkstyles, Karma, Anavey, and myself.

A production of this scale would not have been possible without everyone doing their part. We’re so grateful for everyone who participated in bringing this space to life! You can get a better idea of the work that went into it by checking out the video below.

My Works on the Wall

Aside from all the work on the background, I also did a Frawg graffiti piece, a crew of woodland critters on a picnic, a baba yaga house, and a fae frog on the side.

Full Wall & Other Artists’ Contributions

This was an FTK and Friends Jam, meaning only a portion of the contributors are part of FTK crew.

This wall features the amazing the work of: TRILL | LORD (FTK) | LIMON | CLEAR | RHAE (FTK) | SODA | KARMA (FTK) | WINKSTYLES (FTK) | FRAWG (FTK) | XENOS

Sponsorship & Brand Mentions

This production was sponsored by local legend Greg, who also donated $5,000 to SAFE Austin to promote the mission of our crew, FTK, or For the Kause. Big shout out to our sponsors Wagner SprayTech for the sprayers, which allowed us to use Behr Paints on the background. The rest of the pieces and characters were painted using Montana 94.

The FTK crew loves taking over big spaces to raise money for SAFE Austin. If you’re interested in giving us creative freedom on a theme, we can do a production in your space. If you’ve got a project in mind, reach out through my Rates page.

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