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DiPasquale Drive-In Residential Mural

These clients came to me through my website with a dream of transforming their sponge-painted bedroom wall into an immersive drive-in movie theater experience.

They already had three original paintings from Austin-famous muralist Kerry Awn, as well as some stories about their first cars, which served as inspiration for the concept. I highly appreciate the trust they put in me to create something so personal in their living space.

This 12’x9′ mural was painted entirely with Montana Colors water-based aerosol paints (with some minor brush work for the lettering on the license plates and marquee). Some of the detail work required use of specialty caps, including the Krewline stencil cap and mosquito cap from Bombing Science.

The first pass took 5 days. A week or so after completion, they asked me to come back for an extra touch-up day to make the entire wall more immersive, as they removed a shelf, rewired the TV and covered some plugs to accommodate the mural. You’ll notice these elements in the time lapse video.

“Bottom line, Sam’s great! Very talented as you can see, and she’ll make some piece of your life very cool if you hire her. Do it!”

Bob DiPasquale

Client Specs, Inspiration & Process

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