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Scissor Tail Sunset Mural

Scissor Tail Sunset marks my third mural out at the Puckahbrush Palace bluebird preserve, as well as my largest mural project to date.

This mural features a vibrant West Texas sunset scene over a round pond, otherwise known as a stock tank, surrounded by mesquite, cattails, and rush. In the foreground, a scissor tail flycatcher soars overhead bordered by bluebonnets and daisies on the right and thistle and prickly pears on the left. When viewed at a certain distance, the mural lines up with the natural horizon line and there are times of the day when the mural matches the color of the sky near perfectly.

In total, this 275sqft project, painted entirely in aerosol paints, took around 20 hours to complete.

Process Video

This project marks my first time working from a ladder at heights of 12′ and painting on corrugated metal. The high winds and the varied texture of the building were definitely challenging! At one point, as I learned once my parents returned from PT, there was a tornado watch issued while I was up at the top of the ladder, signing my name. (You can see the clouds start to build up around 06:40 in the video.)

As this is my parents’ place, completion of this project was over a handful of visits to see them between September 2022 and April 2023 and you can observe the changing of the seasons in the grass.

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