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For the Kause FTK Crew Mural Production at Native

For the Kause marks my first ever coordinated crew mural production with FTK and my second graffiti writing piece.

Rhae started the FTK, Austin’s first all-female graffiti crew, to raise awareness of domestic violence in graffiti culture and make learning graffiti writing more accessible to women and other femme-presenting folks through mentorship. With help from Miles Starkey of HOPE Campaign and crew mate Helena, we were fortunate to secure this premium wall space to promote our cause.

In coordinating this wall, we were given a color palette of pinks, purples, blues, and lime green. We were all instructed to create a straight-letter graffiti piece, under the mentorship of Rhae. Additionally, we were to choose a portrait of a woman who inspires us to accompany the writing piece. I was also tasked with painting the kitty logo I’d created for the crew as the opener for the wall.

For my portrait, I decided to re-visit a portrait I did of my mum as the Krystalline Kaleidoscope Empress back in 2018. For the past few years, she’s been caretaker in ways that are not what she likely wanted or expected at this point in life. Beyond this role, she’s allowed me multiple spaces to create murals on their property, which has been crucial to my advancement in this field. While I was up completing Scissor Tail Sunset, she was made aware of some electronic issues with my vehicle through my car auto-locking. After we did amateur locksmithing, she graciously offered to pass her much nicer car down to me in exchange for my electronically-possessed Chevy Spark. All of this to say, I’m privileged and beyond grateful to have a mum like her. Her resolve, compassion, and support of me following my dreams has been a constant source of inspiration throughout my journey into doing art professionally these past several years.

This 20’x 140′ mural was completed over 8 days by five members of our all-female crew. This highly visible wall off 4th and the I-35 NB feeder was produced by (left-to-right):

Myself | Candy Kuo | Helena | SIRE | Rhae

Additionally, crew mate Mis Sol, based out of Albuquerque, sent the writing piece at the end, which Helena put up for her. The top of the wall was designed by Rhae and was a group effort to complete painting!

Drive by and check out all the pieces on this amazing wall at the location formerly known as Native, but soon to be Holey Moley Golf.

FTK crew donates 5% of our paid mural projects to SAFE Austin. Hire our crew to create something beautiful for your space today, while supporting a great cause! Mention your interest in working with FTK via the form on my Rates page.

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