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Super Flower Blood Moon Live Painting

The May Block Party ATX took place the day after the Super Flower Blood Moon Eclipse and I was invited to paint on a wall panel for the first time. Since the wall panels are reused after each Block Party, I used the opportunity to practice spray painting in a more realistic style.

While I’d illustrated a lot of portraits and floral work before, capturing that level of detail in spray paint seemed very daunting. It was definitely a challenge, but I ended up happy with the end result. I chose a rose flower cast in a circle to represent the Super Flower Blood Moon and the woman basking underneath the eclipse was based on a photograph of my friend and fellow artist DeLoné Osby.

I spray painted this 4’x8′ piece in front of a live audience over 3 hours, without any stencils. Check out the timelapse video and photos below to see the whole process.

Live painting makes any event a memorable experience for your guests. Get in touch via my Rates page to request a consultation for your next event.

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