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Mardi Gras Party Frog at The End of the World NOLA

While I was visiting my home city New Orleans, the street art haven that inspired my journey, I wanted to take the opportunity to do my own work there. I spoke with locals and a few street artist friends and they recommended the abandoned naval base at The End of the World.

Since our visit was in early February, I sketched out a jazzy, Mardi Gras-themed frog to spray paint out there. I’ve painted quite a few frogs around Austin, so it made sense to spread my froggie friends around.

After a bit of exploring and tagging the interior, we found an empty pillar outside, facing the street, where I spray painted this lil guy in 2 hours. My partner painted a purple head on the pillar next to it! I was so happy to be able to create a brand new memory with him in this city where I already had so many from my childhood.

It would be a dream to come back and paint in New Orleans in a more official capacity. If you run a NOLA mural fest or own a business with a wall in need of art, I’d love to work something out! Get in touch via the form on my Rates for Murals page.

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