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The Rio Grande Chirpers at Essex Modern City

Paul Garson invited me out to the second round of paint jams revitalizing the Essex Modern City area. I painted this mural, called The Rio Grande Chirpers in a single day during the July 8th jam!

As part of my Frawgs Far and Wide project, this mural features a trio of Rio Grande chirping frogs, a species native to San Antonio, serenading you with sweet mariachi songs from the bushes on the Riverwalk. When I first visited the San Antonio Riverwalk in my youth, I was immediately enamored with the mariachi musicians, as was the case any time I came across a new style of street art. As I got older, I learned from friends from there or those with family still living in the area, that this performance art is intrinsically connected to San Antonio’s culture and people. I wanted to celebrate their art form in a fun way, sparking that wonder in me when I was a pre-teen seeing the musicians for the first time.

This 10’x10′ piece took around 4.5 hours, with lots of breaks from the heat in between! It was a scorcher with temps nearing 100 degrees, as I painted from 10:30am-7pm.

During this jam several other artists put up new murals, many of them returning after initially painting at this location back in 2019. They were:

Jasmine | FeeBee | Grim | Pono | Taylord | Briks | News | Jesse G | Franky Cardona | TVHead | Smack | Rigo Ortiz | Krewline | Ost3n | Dane | Dizkust | Scotch

Check out the piece for yourself at Essex Modern City. They only have select times that the gates are open, but Paul Garson and Creo Arc a follow to find out when they’ll be opening up for their fall jam!

I want to create a fun and engaging mural for you!! Get in touch via my Rates page.

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