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Thriving with the Pride at SXSE Paint Battle

Atomic Souls Counseling invited me to be the surprise guest painter at the Sober x South East paint battle, where I won the grand prize with my piece Thriving with the Pride, a portrait of a lion on a backdrop of positive intentions.

We were given 3 hours, a theme of community, a wooden 4’x4′ panel, and a six-color palette. Big thanks to Atomic Souls, The Hospital at Westlake, and Kyle Duce of Cryptic Creative for sourcing and providing paints and materials, as many paint battles don’t. It was so cool to see everyone’s piece unfolding with the same color scheme and so many different styles.

In this battle, I was up against five super talented artists, including Cryptic Creative (Kyle Duce), Pauly Picasso, Sheepz, and my dear friend and regular rival, SIRE. I started my board out with words like community, reciprocity, gift, understanding, support, care, and growth. Being pretty well versed in speed painting, I knocked my piece out in the first of the three hours and spent the rest of the time talking up the crowd and reminding them there was a viewer’s choice vote for the best piece!

Feeling so grateful to have won this paint battle, especially among all these amazing works produced. During the battle, all the pieces were auctioned off to raise money for sobriety support services offered by Atomic Souls Counseling and RecoveryATX.

If you’ve got an event and you’re interested in hiring a live painter, hit me up from my rates page and let’s talk about it.

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