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The Crow-aft Live Painting

Recently, I live painted at the Oh My Goth! Music & Art Show hosted by Friends of Friends Gallery.

I decided to do a half & half portrait two of my favorite goth icons, Eric Draven from The Crow (1994) and Nancy Downs from The Craft (1996). For my youths who don’t know who they are, here are some GIFs:

I’d been practicing spraying and challenged myself by attempting a more graphic, manga-style with heavy cross-hatching. I took inspiration from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure when designing out each characters’ portrait. It was really fun getting to attempt my inking style in spray paint and I am happy with how my freehand line work is growing!

In total, it took me around 3 hours to paint the 8’x8′ wall, in front of a live audience. Watch the time lapse video below to see how everything came together during the event!

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