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Old Crow Box Blind Mural

Out at the Puckahbrush Palace bluebird preserve, there are a few box blinds set up for bird watching or hunting. Owners Betty and Paul (my mum and pup) had an idea of distinguishing each blind by adorning them with different bird murals.

In January, I started learning to spray paint, as part of the SprATX Ignite residency, through a couple of sessions with the amazing Mouf and ER. Then quarantine hit, leaving me living in a second floor apartment with a new set of cans and few places to practice this new medium.

Luckily, my parents recently moved out to their retirement property with lots of room to practice. When I mentioned bringing my spray paints out there to practice on some scrap wood, they offered me the walls of their blinds and some payment instead.

This 6.5′ x 5.5′ mural project took around 5 hours total, broken into 45 minutes of concept sketching and over 4 hours of painting. Before painting, I did a digital mockup sketch in Procreate (see Process Photos below), but decided to simplify the design after talking with them.

Process Photos

Please contact me for a quote, if you are interested in commissioning a custom mural for your space.

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