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Love and Rosas Mural at Rosita’s Al Pastor

I was honored to be invited out by my paint buddy SIRE to an all-female paint jam for women-owned business, Rosita’s Al Pastor. I painted my mural, Love and Rosas, from photos I found on social media of the owner, Rosa, and a vintage photo of a couple on their first date at Rosita’s over 35 years ago! The couple is still together and come visit Austin every so often to relive that memory, so I hope they appreciate this on their next visit.

SIRE sent a color palette, so we could match our concepts to the serape blanket and Welcome murals painted on the outside of the building. Having done a lot of limited palette color exploration lately, I decided to use that exact color palette to recreate these photos. I also added some roses and a frog in because florals and froggies are my jam.

The whole time I was painting I kept thinking, “These are someone’s grandparents. I’ve got to get this right.” On my second day of painting, someone walked up behind me and was like “This is so beautiful. That’s my grandma. Thank you so much for all the energy you are putting into this!” It made me so happy that she was recognizable and it felt really nice to preserve this piece of Riverside’s history onto the wall!

In total, this 13’x7′ mural took 13 hours to complete, over three paint jam days. It was freehand painted entirely in aerosol and stencils were only used for the borders around the photos.

Other works on this all-women jam wall by:

Candy Kuo | Triz of Universal Style School | Morgane Xenos | Helena | L. Rhae | Kimie the Destroyer | SIRE | Limon | Taylord

Check out all the pieces on this wall by visiting Rosita’s Al Pastor today!

If you’d like a custom mural to drive traffic to and engagement with your business, fill out the request form on my Rates page to start the conversation. Let’s create something beautiful together.

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