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Fae Frog’s Fighting Spirit Mini-Mural

After seeing me live painting at the Art Jam, Open Art Studios reached out to me to do a 1v1 “Melee at the Market” spray paint battle at Night Owl Market.

I was up against the reigning Open Art Studios battle champ Paola Sire, a formidable opponent well-versed in line work and fun character creation. To top things off, it would be a race against time with an hour on the clock, stopping every 20 minutes to roll a die and flip the canvas. As for the paints, Laced and Found and Vandals Container had us covered, sponsoring the cans and caps!

Paola zoomed in with their speedy clown in a teeny car, while I chose a very cute and angry fae frog to represent my fighting spirit in battle. Synchronously, we both ended up rolling to where we were painting right side up, then upside down, then right side up again.

In the end, Fae Frog’s Fighting Spirit stole the judge’s hearts and emerged victorious. I received a wonderful gift basket from Night Owl Market vendors.

These 4’x8′ hardboard panels were painted in exactly 1 hour in front of a live audience at the Night Owl Market. Read the full recap article on the Open Art Studios blog and check out the photos, several taken by OAS, below.

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