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Angelic Frog Mural Collab with SIRE for Beat Sessions Vol. 36

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On September 26th, I had the privilege of competing in the 2v2 paint battle at Beat Sessions Vol. 36 at Spokesman South with my friendly rival, Sire. This Angelic Frog mural was the result of that paint battle against the reigning champion tag team Candy Kuo and Kimie Flores.

We planned a coordinated production utilizing both of our strengths to create a majestic froggy angel shooting a golden arrow of love to our opponents. Sire tackled the wings and filling in the clouds, while I worked through the frog’s body and golden bow and arrow. Then, we both worked from the edges in getting the flowers detailed out.

This 12’x 8′ wall was painted in under 1.5 hours with time to spare. It was a close race, but home team champs Candy and Kimie remained victorious with an $11 lead in the first all-female 2v2 battle in Beat Sessions history. We had a lot of fun and it was so great to have some of my best friends there cheering me on!

We also collaborated on a custom t-shirt design for the event featuring an angelic frog character with a spray can and face mask, to match with our planned piece. Sire did the lettering for the shirts, which were printed by Goose Print MFG on-site during the competition.

The last pic is a shot sent in for the following video, as part of an international cross-stitch animation project by Poignet Amour.

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