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Solace Mural Collab with L. Rhae

For my fourth time painting at the Lady Jam Wall at El Tacorrido, L. Rhae and I decided to combine our neighboring spaces into one big piece on the theme of Solace.

We discussed the different activities that bring us comfort when we’re feeling down or stressed. She finds solace through painting and I like to cozy up with a good book and tasty drink. I based these frog characters off of us and embellished her writing work with a bunch of wildflowers.

From buff to finish, this 16’x8′ piece took us around 10 hours over two days. We used aerosol paints and Krink dabbers for some of the details. We covered over her white rabbit and my Frogs’ Taco Picnic murals. It was super fun getting to collab with another artist like this and I hope to do it more in the future!

During this Lady Jam session, additions were made to the wall by: L. Rhae | Paola Asire | Carmen Rangel. Check out the whole wall for yourself at El Tacorrido on E Riverside!

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