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Frogs’ Taco Picnic Mural at El Tacorrido

My third installation on the Lady Jam Wall at El Tacorrido, I decided to do a fantasy scene of a couple of frogs’ taco picnic on a big red blanket.

Attending the picnic are two Texas native frogs: the spotted chorus frog and green tree frog. The spotted frog wears a black cowboy hat and boots, while the green frog adorns a flower crown, with colors representing the LGBTQ+, trans, and bi flags, paying homage leading into Pride Month. They are drinking Jarritos and enjoying a plate of tacos, just like patrons at this local eatery!

Inspired by the joy of getting together with a friend and sharing food in a beautiful outdoor space, like a festival, park, or even a backyard. This 8’x8′ mural was spray painted in 9 hours over two days during the Spring Lady Paint Jam.

Process Photos

During this Lady Jam session, additions were made to the wall by: Brittany | Olivia | Autumn Maeday | Paola Asire | L. Rhae | Panda | Helena Martin (who tied everything together with gorgeous flowers). Check out the whole wall for yourself at El Tacorrido on E Riverside!

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