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Morning Coffee Live Painting on Great Day SA – KENS 5

In August of 2023, I had the privilege of showing off my live speed painting skills on the Great Day SA morning news, where I painted this piece Morning Coffee.

From the start of the show, they opened with me and my blank canvas, explaining that I had an hour to create a piece of art. They checked in with me two more times throughout the hour-long news block, as I finished up the piece. I also had the opportunity to set up some of my other small works, a sketchbook, my first Alien Cutie Adventure, and other merchandise.

This 3’x3′ piece was completed in under an hour. I themed the character and color palette to the show and gifted it to their staff after filming.

Part 1 of the Live Speed Painting Challenge

There was a quick segment in the middle of the program as well, but it did not make it onto their YouTube account!

Part 2 of the Live Speed Painting Challenge

Spray Techniques on a September Broadcast

Following the live broadcast challenge, I had a short tutorial session with Clarke Finney, which was aired in a later broadcast in September. This one mostly covered spray paint tools and techniques!

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