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Golden Opportunity in Community Live Painting

The Women of Austin Foundation launched with their Bubbles, Boots & Bowties spring gala at AO5 Gallery. They had me come out to do a live painting, on the theme of “community,” which would be auctioned off with a portion of proceeds going to the new foundation.

I live painted this 3’x3’ wood panel with a piece, entitled Golden Opportunity in Community, over the first couple of hours of the event, entirely in aerosol. To fill it with good intentions, I prepped the panel before the event with words like community, hope, neighbor, and care in alignment with the goals of the organization. The subject was a tufted titmouse, a bird you’ll see (often in pairs) if you put seeds out for our little neighbors, nestled in a golden peony. The golden peony symbolizes new beginnings, prosperity, and friendly love, which I felt was fitting for this foundation’s launch. Happily, the foundation’s co-founder’s husband bid out the silent auction for the piece, so it’ll be loved and cherished forever!

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