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CrossFit REP Brand Mural

CrossFit REP Mural

Jake of CrossFit REP found out about my work through a referral from an old friend Sarah, who reached out to see if BAMFaktory was still doing painting gigs. My partner Brad did the brand mural at her old company Golden Arm Media back in 2015, but since he has a full time job hasn’t been taking on any outside work. Since I’d been freelancing full-time, I decided this would be a great opportunity for me to do my first solo mural project.

CrossFit REP already had a logo mural on their wall, but the color didn’t quite match his branding. He also wanted a hashtag painted across the top in line with a 1ft purple bar that had been started at the top of the mural wall. Since I had done a few hand-lettered signs for weddings in the past, I suggested that he let me free-hand the tagline at the top rather than stenciling or taping off each individual letter as it would save time and cost.

In total, the project took me a bit over 18 hours over three days to complete, with a quick pre-work session to test the paint colors. I used a level and ruler to grid out the 17’x1′ tag line prior to painting. For the 5’x5′ logo, I used their projector and also fashioned a compass out of a string and split key ring to make sure my circles were perfect.

I’d love to do more mural work in the future, especially with some creative elements. Please contact me for a quote, if you are interested in commissioning your own mural.

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