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Space Whale Mural at El Tacorrido

Space Whale Mural at El Tacorrido on East Riverside in Austin, Texas

When Brittany and Olivia got a gig to paint a truly lengthy wall at El Tacorrido on East Riverside, they knew it was a perfect space to highlight several talented lady muralists from Austin. When Britt suggested I come put a whale on the wall, I jumped at the opportunity. She’d seen me paint one earlier in the year when I had my training session with ER during my residency.

Playing off of that whale and the color concepts and dreamy wildlife I was seeing emerge from the other murals on the wall, I decided to create a happy space whale dancing through a sparkly star field. I already had purple, blue, and orange cans on hand so I built from that color palette.

Painting this 7’x8′ mural wall took around 10 hours, with two hours of concept time. I started out with a sketchbook concept and then solidified the colors of my sketch on Procreate (see Process Photos below). After the first painting session, I brought a photo of the mural back into Procreate to decide what revisions I needed to make.

Aside from myself, this wall features murals by: Brittany | Olivia | Taylord | Autumn Maeday | Jasmine | L. Rhae w/ Suz | Doxxi | Julie Lynn | Tara Leigh Johnston | Natasha. Check out the whole wall for yourself at El Tacorrido on East Riverside!

Process Photos

Please contact me for a quote, if you are interested in commissioning a custom mural for your space.

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