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Still Tippin’ Mural Collab with Rhae for HTX Beat Sessions Vol. 8

On July 20th, FTK came out to represent Austin at the first ever entirely all-female Beat Sessions Vol. 8 in Houston. Rhae and I carpooled out there to be a part of the 2v2 mural battle. Our Still Tippin’ mural collab was the result of our face-off against the home team champs, Clear and Purple Sody.

Spending middle and high school in Northeast Houston, my character was an homage to the Space City and S.U.C. hip-hop. Miss Alien is swanging through in her candy-painted and woodgrain-wheeled UFO, banging Mike Jones (SLAB remix, obvs), and splashing her purple sody all around. The color palette for the whole piece is repping Astros colors and her t-shirt shouts out NASA. Rhae went off creating this ultra-sharp, dripped out graffiti piece and got the background looking out of this world.

We completed this 8’x8′ collab piece in just under an hour and a half in this timed battle front of a live audience. The home team ended up taking the W, but we had such a fun time visiting, catching up with old friends, and creating this piece.

Ladies HTX Beat Sessions T-Shirt Design Collab

We also had the opportunity to collaborate on a t-shirt design to commemorate the event! After a bit of discussion, I proposed a couple of different wireframes that we voted on. Each person contributed their portion of the design for me to collage together, based on the wireframe.

Lettering was done by the 1v1 writers: Lemon (HTX & Sessions) | Poisn (Beat)

Characters were done by the 2v2 mural battlers and the 1v1 character battlers as follows (from the top-left clockwise): Purple Sody | Kimie the Destroyer | Clear | Rhae | Blanco | Myself

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