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Texas Fae-Toad at She Unit 2023

Threw up this Texas Fae-Toad at the She Unit Paint Jam, featuring over 60 female aerosol artists and graffiti writers from around the world. It was such an honor to be included in a jam of this magnitude with so many talented women.

This was my first time writing Frawg. Thank you to Rhae mentoring me on graffiti writing and to both her and Triz for on-site critique of my piece!! Prior to the jam, I was feeling a lot… anxiety about whether I’d have enough freelance work this year and even more anxiety as I felt the drums of early 2000s diet culture beating heavily in marketing, in the content landscape, and in my conversations with other women. I had difficulty focusing on a concept, but I knew I wanted to create beauty celebrating the fullness and softness of my own body, while still showcasing the kind of mural work I do.

Thankfully the work situation sorted itself out, as it always does, I found my clarity and felt less pressure to create a piece to market my skills. I was free to serve my joy and create from a space of silliness. And what better way to do that than with a fae frog… or in this case a Texas fae toad, since we were all gathering in Texas, looking down from her mushroom all thick and sassy. As the jam was approaching, I joined the FTK crew started by Rhae, which inspired me to pick a name to write and turn my concept into a lettering piece.

This 12’x12′ piece was completed over three days in front of a live audience. There was a rain storm on the last day, but I was still able to get it to point of completion! This piece is based on the Texas toad, a native species to the area.

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