Krystalline Tarot Queen of Wands Button


1″ button featuring a pen and ink illustration of the Queen of Wands card from my future Krystalline Tarot deck.

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This 1″ button was created from the Queen of Wands card from my Krystalline Kweens I tarot series.

This pen and ink tarot card illustration represents courage, independence, determination, and being a social butterfly. This queen sits on her desert throne, decorated with imagery of lions and salamanders, with sunflowers and a sprouted hemp staff in her hand, symbolizing life, fertility, joy, and satisfaction. Supporting the fire element, her gown flows into a pool of lava and smoke coils around her hand. A black cat sits at her feet and carnelian protrudes from her head and cheeks into a set of cat ears and whiskers, showing that this queen is in touch with her shadow self – the darker, lesser-known side of her being. For more information about the artwork, please visit the following listing.

All pin-back buttons are hand-pressed by me personally on a button maker machine and fitted with a spring pin.

Product Details:

Weight 0.06 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 0.125 in


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