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Game of Shrooms 2022 Collectible Scrap Can

Game of Shrooms is a global art event, started by Daniel “Attaboy” Seifert, where participants leave mushroom-themed artwork out in the wild for others to find and keep. In 2022, I decided to participate and put my fae frog character onto an upcycled aerosol scrap can, creating a unique collectible item.

The drop was on June 11th and my Patreon subscribers had first notice of where it was. One of them scooped it up within the hour after the drop.

Given the environmental impact of aerosol art, one way to make it more sustainable is to pop and drain your used cans and create collectible artworks out of them. This was a can I used up at some point when I was live painting or working on a mural and repurposed for this piece!

The 360º design features my tagging fae frog character throwing FORG onto a mushroom with moss and flowers growing beneath them. I spray painted the background with Montana Gold and then decorated the outside of the can with Posca paint pens. This piece took me 4.5 hours total to complete.

Game of Shrooms 2022

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