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Valentine’s CutieToonz Couples Portrait Commission Slot



Smooth Crayon Comic Book
(max file size 8 MB)


How This Works

The base product is a two-character 5″x7″ digital portrait on a white background, with choice to add a heart or not. Additional characters, pets, and props can be added at an extra charge (see definitions below).

Please, provide an image or a collage of reference photos that I can draw from (e.g. you like your pose from one photo, but your outfit from another: you can send both and explain it in the notes). I can accompany most cosplay, fantasy, and alternate universe aesthetic requests.

Once your space in queue comes up, I will reach out to you if I have any additional questions and will be in touch throughout the waiting process to let you know the status.


Characters are any large-sized subjects which will be the main focus for the portrait. These can be human people or any other characters. If I am creating a prom-style couples portrait of you and a giant bipedal version of your pet, that bipedal being counts as one additional character on top of your base portrait order.

Pets can be any species of animal, that will accompany the main characters, at usually half their height or smaller and often on four-legs.

Props are strictly aesthetic additions like a big flower, cloud, mushroom, parasol, hobby objects, wings, and more. For clarity, mobility devices, eye wear, hearing aids, or any kind of accessibility equipment are not considered “props” and will be allowed free of charge as part of the initial character, if you let me know in the Special Requests section.

Turnaround Time

Please allow time for production. I have opened 10 commission slots and will be working through them in the order received. I will be doing my best to get these completed in a timely fashion and get them out to everyone before February 14th. You can expect to receive your portrait within 0.5-1.5 months from date of the order and I will communicate with you throughout the process to keep you updated on any estimates and changes as they happen.

Previous Examples

The portrait commissions with the heart above them were done throughout the Valentine’s season in 2021, the one with the dark background was done in October 2022, and the bottom two were portraits of both sets of my grandparents from old photos of them from the 50s. Couples can be your pets or your kids! I am not picky.

Dimensions 5 × 7 × 0.0125 in
Digital or Print

Digital, Print


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