Your First Creative Cuties Sprout Session

What to Expect

  1. Bring a mask: Masks are optional, but in order to respect those around us with lowered immune systems, please bring a mask with you just in case. Please stay home, if you are having any kind of cold or flu symptoms.
  2. Check-in: Please, come say hi to me (Sam) when you show up. I’ll be on a red & blue patterned blanket, if we’re outside, or next to a Creative Cuties sign, if inside. I’ll have a hand sanitizer pump at the check-in station!
  3. Park or Location Details: Each email, Google Cal, and Facebook event for the Sprout Session will include information about what kind of amenities you can expect at the park or location and the parking situation.
  4. Agenda: Come and go as you please! We do introductions at 3pm. Additionally, there are two 30-minute time slots open for micro-workshops/demos/showcases at 1-1:30pm and 4-4:30pm. If you’re interested in hosting one of these, please contact Sam via DM or email with your idea and preferred time slot within the first week of the month.
  5. Pack In, Pack Out: Clean up after yourself, your guests, kids, and pets. There are plenty of trash receptacles available.
  6. Theme Prompt: This suggestion came from one of our surveys after a session to select an optional prompt to help with creative ideation. I’ll usually link the prompt to some visual inspiration in the park.

What to Bring for Yourself

  • Bring your Own Entertainment: Sketchbooks, paints and easels, tablets, notebooks for planning or writing, acoustic instruments, books to read, knitting, cross-stitching, tarot decks, honestly whatever helps you feel creative or want to connect with people. 
  • Creature Comforts: Picnic blanket, cushions, chairs, a small table, whatever you and your guests need to allow you to create comfortably outdoors. Picnic tables are available, but not guaranteed. Don’t forget to check the weather before coming out!
  • Ways to Share: If you want to share your craft or barter with other members in the group, please feel free to do so. You can bring stickers or business cards, do a demonstration, start a jam circle, or invite people to come participate in your creative process. It’s really up to you and your imagination. 

Community-Use Items

These supplies are made possible through the generosity and cash donations of members of the Creative Cuties community. When you make a donation to Creative Cuties, you will be recognized in the next email and your donation is added to the ledger, so you can always request information on what your donation went towards. Donations can be submitted via Venmo with a note for “Creative Cuties”.

All items are sanitized between each session to ensure safety.

  • Creative: If you forgot an eraser or broke your pencil or need paper to sketch out an idea, I’ll have card stock, sketch paper, small notepads, ballpoint pens, and hi-poly eraser caps free-to-use at my blanket, along with various art pencils, Sharpies, and clipboards to loan out during the event and a 2-hole sharpener you can use at the supply station.
  • Activities: On occasion, as funding permits, we’ll have a community activity where everyone will get a small project to work on individually or as a collective.
  • Health & Safety: I will have a first aid kit, hand sanitizer, and reusable cloth masks available at my blanket, as they are needed. Small snacks and hydration will be available.
  • Comfort: I will bring a tarp for people to borrow to sit on, as needed. I will also have bug spray and sunscreen available.
  • Vibes: I’ll shuffle the Sprout Sessions playlist on a little portable speaker. It’s a collaborative playlist so feel free to add whatever jams help you create!
  • Networking: Thanks to a survey feedback, name tags will be provided to write names, IG accounts, and pronouns on, so it’ll be easier for us to connect.

After the Session

The week following the Sprout Session, I’ll create an off-shoot group chat to connect the attendees and send out a survey to gather information on improvements that could be made. Remember each of these surveys is about the Sprout Session you just attended, so it’s helpful if you fill it out every time to help me gather data on the different parks and activities.