Tarot Series I — Krystalline Kweens

This first series in my eventual full tarot deck, titled Krystalline Kweens, debuted at the 2018 Chocolate and Art Show in Austin.

Each portrait is inspired by a card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, as well as the model herself. The crystal growth on each queen aligns with the stones associated with the card.

Major Arcana

Minor Arcana

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Nicole & Conrad — Couples Portrait

Nicole & Conrad

After seeing a couples portrait that I did during MerMay, shared by a mutual friend, Nicole reached out to me via Instagram to have something similar done of her and her beau, Conrad.

She loved the sparkle effect I had given to one of my other MerMay portraits and wanted to channel some Ursula fierceness in her portrait, while she imagined Conrad as half-shark.

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