Hand-Painted Frog Rave Pine Needle Basket (One-of-a-Kind)


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Outer dimensions: 11″ length, 7.5″ width, 2.5″ depth

Inner dimensions (usable): 10″ length, 6.25″ width, 2″ depth

About the Materials

Made with needles from the longleaf pine, a pine species native to the Southeastern US. These needles were collected from in and around central and southern Florida. These pines grow very fast and very tall and have needles that are anywhere between 8-22 inches long. The baskets are each unique, woven by hand using waxed cording from Maine Threads in Lewiston, ME, and decorated with upcycled jewelry and hand-crafted clay beads. Each is coated with Minwax to protect and preserve the handiwork. Baskets can be safely cleaned with soap and water, then air dried. Not machine washable.

Nanny’s Creations

All pine needle baskets were a collaboration between Marion Soper, my grandmother and owner of Nanny’s Creations, and myself. We started collaborating on these baskets during the 2020 quarantine, while she was unable to do her craft fairs. I created the artwork on the wooden piece in the middle and she hand-wove the baskets.

Weight 5.41 oz
Dimensions 11 × 7.5 × 2.5 in


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