Queen of Cups Framed Original — Krystalline Kaleidoscope Tarot

Framed and matted original 5″x7″ pen and ink Krystalline tarot illustration of the Queen of Cups card.

Original, matted and framed, Queen of Cups artwork from my Krystalline Kweens I tarot series, originally debuted at the Chocolate and Art Show in 2018.

This 5″x7″ pen and ink portrait represents compassion, caring, emotional stability, being intuitive, and being in flow. This queen sits on a beach-side throne introspectively gazing into her cup. Her cup is adorned with fish symbolizing the unconscious mind. Supporting the water element, her gown waterfalls around around her feet into the sea, representing that she is connected to her emotions, but not overwhelmed by them. The stone associated with this card, emerald, crowns her salt and pepper curls in rows.

I selected my college friend Nyla Spooner to represent this card because she centers her life around compassionate community outreach. Whether it is creating an open dialog about mental health for women of color, encouraging self-love and body acceptance, or organizing non-profits to fill the gaps in disaster recovery, she is out there doing the most. A compassionate and sensitive Cancer, she applies her highly intuitive nature to flex where she feels she will serve the highest need. Her empathetic nature stems from a deep understanding of her own, often heavy, emotional flows. Through this emotional understanding, she fills the cups of those around her, with care not to empty her own. A third culture kid, her family was originally from Trinidad and Tobago, which I have reflected in the coastline and ruby-topaz hummingbirds flitting around her crown, as though she intuitively drew them there to drink from her cup. In some cultures, hummingbirds symbolize healing, rebirth, and protection, which resonates with the nurturing aspects of this card, as well as the work she does to facilitate relief and rebuilding efforts throughout her community

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Weight 20.93 oz
Dimensions 9.25 × 11.25 × 0.625 in


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