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Mind The Voices You’re Not Hearing Button


1″ button featuring a pen and ink hand-lettered quote stating, “Mind the voices you’re not hearing.”

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This 1″ button was created from an ongoing series of hand-lettering pieces made with guidelines I orient my life around, or Samisms, for short.

Mind the voices you’re not hearing.

Inspired by a certain podcast that espouses a commitment to talking to anyone about anything. Out of a sample I took of 100 chronological episodes, only 5% of those episodes had female guests and a whopping 0% transgender or non-binary people (which they have actually done a minimally better job at this year). None of the women spoken to were in a STEM-related field. It’s a simple reminder to stay cognizant of the voices you may not be hearing from sources that say they provide a platform for ANY AND ALL viewpoints to be heard. Sometimes they are mostly just amplifying controversial opinions or viewpoints under the guise of equal spokesman-ship. All pin-back buttons are hand-pressed by me personally on a button maker machine and fitted with a spring pin. Product Details:

Weight 0.06 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 0.125 in


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