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Queen of Swords Framed Original — Krystalline Kaleidoscope Tarot

Framed and matted original 5″x7″ pen and ink Krystalline tarot illustration of the Queen of Swords card. Contact me for purchase inquiries.

Original, matted and framed, Queen of Swords artwork from my Krystalline Kweens I tarot series, originally debuted at the Chocolate and Art Show in 2018.

This 5″x7″ pen and ink Queen of Swords portrait represents independence, unbiased judgement, clear boundaries, and direct communication. This pixie queen sits on a silver throne on a cliff top with her sword pointed straight up to the heavens, cutting clear to the truth of all matters. Facing towards the future, her other hand lies outstretched and open ready to receive the blessings coming to her. Supporting the air element, her gown vaporizes into clouds around her feet, representing the ever-changing atmospheric flow. Clear quartz lines her head and back creating an ethereal crown and wings, symbolizing clarity and connection to the air, while her sapphire-adorned accessories support communication of one’s true vision. A swallow flies overhead which spiritually represents decisiveness, happiness, and hope.

I selected my client, Sara Gustafson, to represent this card because she devotes her life to inspiring women to seek their truth and authenticity, through her holistic wellness practices. The phoenix cast on her throne represents her metamorphosis, through the obstacles she faced as a child and young adult, into the empowered, truth-seeking provocateur she is today. Her honesty and clear communication styles help her clients confront their own uncomfortable truths. She encourages people to set clear boundaries, as she has set for herself to promote wellness in her own life. A mother and entrepreneur, she is independent, resilient, and straight-forward, while still remaining in touch with her softer side, which she opens to the people she trusts and respects most.

Product Details:

Weight 20.93 oz
Dimensions 9.25 × 11.25 × 0.625 in


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