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Strength Framed Original — Krystalline Kaleidoscope Tarot

Framed and matted original 8″x10″ pen and ink Krystalline tarot illustration of the Strength card. Contact me for purchase inquiries.

Original, matted and framed, Strength artwork from my Krystalline Kweens I tarot series, originally debuted at the Chocolate and Art Show in 2018.

This 8″x10″ pen and ink The Star portrait represents strength, courage, persuasion, influence, compassion. A woman delivers gentle pats to a lion’s head and jaw. Although he is a ferocious beast, symbolizing raw passions and desires, she has tamed him with inner strength and resilience. A chain of king proteas, a symbol of courage, connects her to the lion. Citrine rings her head and armors her shoulders showing a willingness to butt heads with and protect herself from those that would underestimate her. Above her bloodstone forms an infinity symbol, representing infinite potential and wisdom.

I chose myself, Samantha Soper, to represent this card because I LIKE CATS! The lion is albino to represent my sweet St. Pierre (may he rest in peace), but big enough to ride because I thought it would be cool. But really though. Aside from being a physically large and intimidating lady, I have made my career out of bending the wills of computers and men in a male-dominated field. Did you know that female developers have to go through a sparring match of wits when they approach an IT/tech guy to convince them that they know what they are doing and talking about? Pretty lame, but I’ve gotten good at it after almost 20 years of building websites. An INFP-T, my powers of persuasion are on point. Inner strength abound, I’ve overcome sexual assault (from age 13), abusive relationships, self-medicating through anti-depressant withdrawals, a drinking problem, and rage/aggression issues (BPD-II). I apply this to be a loyal friend and supporter, holding space for others going through the same challenges. Fully self-supported, I independently juggle illustration commissions, art vendor events, corporate web maintenance contracts, and various graphic design freelance gigs. I believe that as humans we are capable of hacking our own minds, overcoming fear, to achieve unimaginable greatness.

Product Details:

Weight 36.28 oz
Dimensions 12.25 × 15.25 × 0.625 in


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