Queen of Pentacles Matchbox — Krystalline Kaleidoscope Tarot


Decoupaged matchbox featuring pen and ink illustration of the Queen of Pentacles tarot card with gold foiling on back side.

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This hand-decoupaged matchbox features the Queen of Pentacles artwork from my Krystalline Kweens I tarot series.

A print of the original pen and ink tarot card illustration covers the front of the box, representing a nurturing nature, practicality, providing financially, and a working parent. This queen sits on her throne cradling a gold coin in her arms, embracing her financial independence. Supporting the earth element, her gown flows into a grassy carpet beneath her feet, representing her connection to Mother Earth. The stones associated with this card, amethyst and moonstone, protrude from her head, shoulders and chest. A small rabbit settles near her symbolizing fertility and suggesting flow and alignment in her life. For more information about the artwork, please visit the following listing.

The back side is covered with gold foiling and approximately 18 wooden matches are contained within.

Product Details:

Matchbox Production Process

Weight 0.25 oz
Dimensions 2.25 × 1.5 × 0.375 in


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