Welcome to my Art Site

Hello! I’m Sam Soper and I am super happy you’ve decided to check out my art site. It’s still very much a work in progress, so bear with me on any weird looking design stuff.

As of right now, this site is kind of a catch-all for all the various information I am gathering up for my art business, like commission rates, announcements, and my CV. A place where I can direct people when they ask me to draw them like one of my French girls. I’m also slowly working on adding past artwork, illustrations, and character designs to the portfolio.

Someday, I’ll actually find the time to organize and design it all better for a much nicer user experience, but for now I appreciate your patience.

Upcoming Shows & Events

I swear I won’t blow up your inbox; it takes me weeks to put together a cohesive blog post.

Recent Work

Tarot Series I — Krystalline Kweens

This first series in my eventual full tarot deck, titled Krystalline Kweens, debuted at the 2018 Chocolate and Art Show in Austin. Each portrait is inspired by a card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, as well as the model herself. The crystal growth on each queen aligns with the stones associated with the card. Major …

Nicole & Conrad

Nicole & Conrad – Couples Portrait

JD Tattoo Design – Pet Portrait

Camp 4 Paws Pups – Pet Portrait