Camp 4 Paws Pups — Pet Portrait

This pet portrait was commissioned by my friend Jordan as a Christmas gift for his bosses’ of their dogs, whom he’d gotten to know very well while working at Camp 4 Paws. 

During production, the middle basset hound, Rosie, passed away so a faint golden light was drawn around her head and body.

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Harry in the Rain — Pet Portrait

Harry in the Rain

This pet portrait was commissioned by my longtime friend Adam, who wanted to see his dog Harry as the star of Singing in the Rain. After a few brief concepts, I worked up this fun and fantastical piece for him!

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Soper Wedding Boat Bar & Signage

Happily Ever After Harpswell Boat Bar

When my cousin Zach got married, he and his wife had this cool idea to transform this boat stern bar he used for events at his store into a custom bar for their wedding.

Since I happened to be up in Maine for the wedding, my assistance was requested in painting this custom bar and for some lettering on some of their chalkboard signage. 

Project Feed the Roots Mural at Urban Roots

Urban Roots Mural

As part of her Gold Award project with Girl Scouts Beyond Bars Troop 1500, Lindsey Martinez worked closely with non-profit farm Urban Roots, where she’d interned the year prior. Her goal for Project Feed the Roots was to set up a perennial garden in an unused space in front of a shed to increase food production.

To further beautify and promote Urban Roots’ mission, she wanted to do a mural on the front of the shed. Playing off the farms original name Hands of the Earth, she sketched out her concept for the mural, incorporating themes of diversity, community, and sustainability. The next step was figuring out how to get the mural on the shed.

As a mentor volunteer with the troop, the troop leader knew my experience with painting through my art-nership, BAMFaktory. Naturally, she reached out to me to ask for advice on how to execute and see if I would like to volunteer with Lindsey’s project. Since I’d yet to have the chance to do a mural, I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to help out.