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All Glory (to Hypnotoad) Canvas Art

In preparation for Astronox Festival 2022, I had an idea to do a cutie-style Hypnotoad fan art piece on canvas entitled All Glory.

This work features an Amazon horned frog seated on an orange and purple mushroom, both of which are glowing. The frogs pupils are in different globular shapes, tunneling progressively darker. Behind them is a toroidal sacred geometry pattern, radiating out from their head, with out of focus greenery in the background.

The base of this piece was spray painted with Montana Gold. Then, I used a compass to plot out the sacred geometry behind the frog. Those were drawn in Posca paint pens and then detailing was added over the frog in KingArt acrylic paint.

In total, this piece took me 15 hours to complete, which I live-streamed most of on Twitch. At Astronox, it was the first piece sold out of the gallery once it opened before they’d even finished putting the labels on the works.

For those of you who have maybe never seen Futurama, Hypnotoad is an in-universe alien TV show, that frequently comes on while they are channel surfing. It features this below frog accompanied a buzzy droning sound.

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